No one likes it when their instrument breaks - but more often than not this will give you a chance to have your instrument fully tuned up and playing better than it did before.

  • Professional setup for optimal tone and ease of playing
  • Sound post adjustment
  • Regraduating tonal plates
  • Crack repairs
  • Resetting necks
  • Bow rehairs and repairs
  • ​Restorations​​


I've got a wide range of instruments - both new and vintage for all budgets.  I also offer consigned sales of various instruments.

I work hard with teachers to carry instruments and accessories that they recommend to their students and fellow musicians.  I carry everything from beginner student packages to fine high end instruments, new and used.


Custom Instruments

Over the years I have regraduated numerous string instruments - transforming ordinary (high quality) instruments into something extremely unique and exceptional.  Everything is customized from the wood shapes to the varnish.

Starting a Bass

If there is anything you need for your instrument, please don't hesitate to come in or call me.  I'm open Tuesday through Saturday, and am happy to help you - no appointment necessary.